Mistaken Identity

I confess it is impossible for me to keep up in this technological age.  I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to keep straight all the information I can find out on the web about anything and everything.  After awhile, it can all run together and I can forget “where I saw that…”

picture of several men with sunglasses on that look alike

"Who's who?"

The other day I got some e-mails from a prospective client who was unhappy  BUT here is the problem –  he was unhappy with another company’s quote, not mine!    It was simply a case of mistaken identity, but I didn’t succeed in convincing him I wasn’t who he thought I was.

Yes, the words Design Shoji are frequently incorporated into other websites, but I am not affiliated with any others.    I do not make stock sizes, kits, or sell imports.   Nor do I profess that I know everything there is to know about making shoji;  after 28 years I think quite the opposite.

So at the risk of sounding redundant, this is what we do at Design Shoji —  we make individualized shoji doors, custom-sized and built for the long haul, to the best of our ability.  You don’t buy ready-made doors from us;  first we try to figure out what you want and then we build it from scratch.

I realize that is a pretty small niche market.  But that’s what Wren and I concentrate on.

Design Shoji panels keep going...and going...

On the flip side, I just replaced the inserts in 2 dozen shoji that were approximately 40 years old.   Even though I didn’t make these originally,  it was so satisfying to work on these shoji;  the homeowners loved living with them, and they were beautifully crafted.   I sincerely hope someone else writes that about the shoji I build for you decades from now.

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