Art Deco Stairstep

Shoji always look wonderful in Eichler homes; the simple lines of a shoji installation blend well with all the open expanses of glass. Here the black lacquer panels make a bold statement, matching the Art Deco furnishings in this room. Our stairstep grid pattern looks very different when the panels are stacked. For utmost simplicity, stack the horizontal panels on top. Or have the stairstep grid frame the opening instead.

Also pictured are shorter shoji, utilizing this same grid motif, that cover a wide expanse of windows. The lighter wood color gives these shoji a subtler look for a more calming effect. The versatile shoji screen lends itself well to this architecture, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s style with open floor plans, expansive glass walls, and simple, clean geometric lines.

To learn more about this project, read more: AT HOME WITH JAPANESE DESIGN: ACCENTS, STRUCTURE, SPIRIT by Jean Mahoney, Peggy Landers Rao; Photographer: Toshiaki Sakuma; Publisher: Shufunotomo Co. Ltd, First printing 1990

Finishes: Black Lacquer, Clear oil/wax
Grid: Art Deco Stairstep
Insert: Fiberglass synksin