Bay Windows

1st Place, Kitchen, Bath & Utility Rooms, 1985 International Design Competition for Window Treatments, W.E.S, Chicago

Interior Design: Max Perlman, Wiseman Lighting and Design

To keep with Max’s design theme, we hand-batiked a simplified design adapted from the wallpaper, in the same colors. As with all our hand-dyed artwork, uv lining was used on the window side of the shoji to protect the fabric. A simple grid was coordinated with the batik artwork so the shoji would not look too busy.

It was very important to not clutter the lines of this bay window, and that the shoji would be easy to operate. Brian designed the installation with 3 panels folding to the left and 3 to the right. The panels were mounted just outside the windows so there was no wall visible in between the shoji. This makes the windows seem larger and accentuates the angles of the bay window. Concealed hinges were used and all mounting hardware was covered with a matching wood fascia so no hardware was visible when the doors were closed.

The panels opened and stacked to the far left or right when the view was desired, and could be operated from both inside and outside of the tub with ease.

Finish: Dark Brown oil/wax
Grid: HP-40
Insert: Hand-batiked fabric with uv lining behind

“It is my pleasure to recommend Design Shoji. I have found Design Shoji to be an excellent source for high quality shoji. Their services, from initial client consultation to final installation are very efficient and professional. Having worked for several years in the the interior design industry, specializing in window coverings of all types, I believe Design Shoji offers unique and well-presented products. I have not seen anything else of this caliber in the industry “ Max, CALIFORNIA