Railroad Tracking

These shoji panels feature our railroad tracking system. The four panels slide independently on 2 tracks top and bottom to stay as flat to the window as possible. You can see a bump out on the fascia at the upper right corner of the room. Here the 2 track unit expands to 4 tracks. Each shoji is slid to the end, then pulled forward to make room for the next door. When completely stacked, all 4 shoji stack one on top of the other.

With our railroad tracking system, shoji tracks are minimized over the window to keep the treatment as unobtrusive as possible. This installation actually gave the homeowner 2 stacking options, as the double tracks went wall-to-wall, allowing 2 shoji to stack on the left wall, to match the 2 panel railroad stack on the right wall. Although the tracking system is different on each wall stack, the shoji still frame the windows nicely and look the same.

The homeowner also requested that we align the bottom hipboards on these shoji with the window mullion/wall trim detail which was a strong design element throughout the house.
Hipboards, or kick boards, also give the shoji a more traditional, formal look.

They protect the shoji insert from being pushed out or damaged at the bottom.