Bow Window Shoji

Interior Design: Payne Associates

One of the nice things about shoji is that their simplicity and clean lines make them a great choice for hard-to-fit windows. This large bow-top window has 6 folding shoji panels that are beveled behind to follow the curve of the bow when closed. Again, we like to keep the hardware a secret, so concealed hinges are used. 3 panels fold left, and 3 to the right to completely uncover the window as desired. Panels can also be set up partially folded open like hinged doors for a more decorative look.

To get the bow right, the designer sent us a paper template of the curve at the sill. After mocking it up to make sure the hinges could handle the weight of the doors, this was the final result. Our thanks to Carlton in Dallas for a fantastic installation!

Finish: Black lacquer
Grid: Custom squares with double horizontals
Insert: Shantung, cream vinyl with Fiberglass synskin liner