Laminated Curves

Shoji bring privacy to this master tub without darkening the space or covering up the unique shape of these windows. To make the area seem more spacious, the shoji were installed inside the window jambs, flush with the wall, so they would not protrude over the tub.

The curves for these half-circle shoji were painstakingly laminated to match the window exactly. For the round window, the hinge strip was cut from the curved frame. When combined with concealed hinges, this preserved the clean lines of the circular window while providing 180 degree movement of the panels so they could fold flat back to the wall.

As is our trademark, no hardware shows when the panels are closed, even though all panels are easily opened. The grid was designed to tie these two windows together, despite the radical difference in their shapes.

We also used a marine finish to protect the wood. The shoji really changed the feeling of this space, making it feel cozy and inviting.

Finish: Tinted marine finish
Grid: D-11 double vertical
Insert: Fiberglass synskin