Ceiling Mounted

Interior Design:   Sheila Fox
Photography:   Bruno Matta

Ceiling mounted shoji separate two rooms without closing out natural daylight.  Fascia is used on both sides of the top track unit to conceal the hardware.   The taller your ceiling, the taller we make the fascia, to keep the top tracks concealed.

Floor tracks were not used to show as much marble floor as possible.

By matching the color scheme, the shoji blended right in to complement this setting.

Eliminating some horizontals from the grid pattern made the opening seem bigger when the shoji were closed; a nice illusion when space is limited.

Special side trim was milled to fill the gap at each end of the opening above the baseboard to allow maximum privacy when the shoji were in use.

Finish:   Custom solid color lacquer

Grid:     D-10 modified

Insert:  Fiberglass synskin