Sash Windows

Two sets of 3 panels sliding up and down on 2 tracks, inside mount.
For this large window, the client needed full access to the bottom third, where the operable windows opened. Brian designed these shoji to slide up and down on double vertical tracks so that 1/3 of the window would be open at a time. The center vertical wood tracks were made thinner so the central vertical piece would match the thickness of the side tracks at either end.
To keep this installation as clean-looking as possible, we designed the wood track frame to mount inside the window jamb. To eliminate extra casing, we milled and pre-assembled the units with thin exterior trim to overlap the finished sheet-rock openings by only 1/2″.

Pic 1 Installation: Two sets of 3 panels sliding up and down on 2 tracks, inside mount
Pic 2 Installation: The smaller window shows shoji sliding side to side as is typically seen.
Pic 3 Installation: 3 panels, 3 tracks top and bottom, sliding to the left and stacking 2 deep on the wall.

To keep sliding tracks concealed for these floor-to-ceiling shoji, the top aluminum hardware is covered with fascia. Floor track was recessed into the floor, flush with the carpet. Finally, the shoji gridwork pattern in these larger shoji doors was designed to blend with the smaller window shoji.

Finish: Clear oil/wax
Grid: D-10
Insert: Fiberglass synskin

2012: “Design Shoji designed and built doors for us when we remodeled our home in 1991. (Your shoji have held up extremely well over these 20 years!)” Rick, CALIFORNIA

1991: “I want to tell you how pleased we are with the shoji. They are definitely the key to our interior design. In particular, I want to express my thanks to you for helping us get exactly what we wanted. Your continued efforts in working with me– to design the recessed frame for the shoji in the entry window and to determine an appropriate grid size in the taller panels — is greatly appreciated.” Rick, CALIFORNIA