Modern Old House

Featured in THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE, April 2006 issue “TOH TV Takes the chill off Modern” Interior design by Todd Tsiang

Interior design by Todd Tsiang
Architects: Ruhl Walker

Shoji were made for operable and non-operable windows throughout this residence. In this Modern home, grid was not used so that the shoji repeated the clean window lines. Shown is the tallest panel, at over 13 feet tall.

To learn more see: THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE and Project introduction

Finish: Black lacquer, satin finish
Grid: Single oversized horizontal to match window mullions
Insert: Laminated ecoresin, rigid insert

“…it was great working with you on this project! (The client) is very happy with the shoji screens and I was extremely happy with the quality of them. I was amazed that most of the ones for the non-operable windows fit in without any trimming or adjustments just as you had said and the wood finish was extremely high-end.” Todd Tsiang


“…working with you was such a pleasure — you are a true professional and the shoji screens were . . . perfectly made and exceedingly appropriate for the … house. Deborah, MASSACHUSETTS

To see the fit and finish of the shoji in the completed project, view Episode 2518 at 15:09

Introduction to the house