Shoji with C.O.M. Fabric

Interior Design: Ehrlich-Rominger

Architex commercial fabric was incorporated in these floor-to-ceiling shoji. Sliding panels covered the interior window wall of these corporate offices, allowing privacy for employees. Exterior walls had a more opaque weave for maximum sun control. UV lining was added to all exterior facing fabric panels. The color palette of gray and rosewood was central to the overall office design, so the shoji worked well in all areas.

As these offices were entered from the central stairwell, it was important the shoji look good on both sides of the window wall. Thus, the grid was designed to be fully visible, and to complement the window wall frames.

C.O.M. is a wonderful way to add subtle drama to shoji doors. Although we make our shoji so that they can be taken apart to change inserts down the line, it is rare to have to replace C.O.M. insert fabric, even after all these years. Because it always stay taut, it is an amazingly durable choice. Optional factory-applied stain resistant coating keeps fingerprints and stains at bay, for a true low-maintenance C.O.M. panel.

Finish: Rosewood
Grid: D-11
Insert: C.O.M. commercial fabric