A Wall of Shoji

Interior Design: Dickie Associates

The desire was to dress up this living room without overpowering the marble fireplace. The designer needed a treatment that would retain the clean, crisp lines of the fireplace and cover the wall, windows, glass sliders and sidelights with one unifying look.

We started with sliding panels to cover the sliders, windows and walls. The panels on the far left are slightly narrower than the panels on the right side of the fireplace. Grid was adjusted so the panels looked the same. Narrow sidelights beside the fireplace were also covered with panels that butted to the adjacent sliding shoji doors. A narrow floor track was recessed into the carpet to anchor these wider panels and keep them tight to the wall when slid.

To complete the look, transom panels were installed above the fascia. This final detail added elegance and height to the wall. Whether closed or open, these shoji fulfilled the designer’s request for a distinctive treatment for this whole wall.

Finish: Red oil/wax
Grid: D-11
Insert: Fabric-lam, linen