Batiked Shoji

1999 First Place,Window Treatments ADEX Award, for Design Excellence, Los Angeles

Photography by: Alan E. Prostick

These shoji were to be closed most of the time yet the client desired a pleasing “view.” To apply the design, we hand-batik fabric, which is then stretched into the doors. The grid design is planned to look good with the insert artwork; batiks are a great match for shoji because the dyed design goes through the fabric making it is identical front and back. In addition, when backlight, the colors become more vibrant, similar to stained glass.

In this window application, we put a protective UV liner on the window side to protect the artwork. To avoid crowding the crown moulding above, the shoji were mounted inside the window, with an extra bottom trim to eliminate a light line at the sill.

This 4 panel installation shows how precisely the center panels align when closed. This is due to our unique center spline detail used between panels that butt together on the same track, which “interlock” them as they are closed. Recessed hand pulls make it easy to separate the two center panels when the shoji are opened.

Finish: Medium Brown
Grid: 14B, laid out to frame the artwork
Insert: Hand-batiked artwork on cotton, Design Shoji