Design Shoji Art Deco #1

Interior Design: Design Shoji and Crane & Turtle Interiors

These shoji frames have curved edges to echo the curved fabric walls and curved ceiling details in this residence. These curves were also repeated in the Fibonacci grid design that the homeowner suggested. This grid pattern, a favorite of ours now, gave the shoji a feeling of movement, even when closed. To minimize tracking and encroachment on the granite seating, we designed low-profile track to match the other narrow window jambs in the room.

The 2 end panels can also be slid together over the center panel, to create a completely different look.

Elsewhere in the home, motorized panels with these same curves were installed. Thank you Lee for believing in us!

Finish: Custom burgundy lacquer, satin finish
Grid: Design Shoji Art Deco #1
Insert: Fabric-lam, white