Distinctive Gridwork

Interior design by Charles Sutter Clark, A.S.I.D.

Designed to add elegance to the entry, these shoji add a sense of privacy without closing the space in. A wonderful play of shadows and light is created whenever these shoji panels are slid past one another.
Charles designed these narrow doors with an extra-wide center rail to balance out the narrow frames. Our routed hand pull detail is also shown.
To make this installation match seamlessly with the rest of the interior we used a custom stain to match the walls for the shoji and fascia, while the bottom wood track was made in the same wood and finish as the floor. We also made it extra wide per the designer’s wishes.
Another Design Shoji trademark is the use of a single continuous piece of fascia to trim out the opening; this one is over 16 feet long. Double fascia conceals the overhead aluminum track.

Finish: Custom stain/lacquer
Grid: Custom
Insert: None