Gran Finale Yacht

Featured in – SHOWBOATS INTERNATIONAL July and October 2002 issues

Interior Design: Miller/Dolezal Design Group
Yacht Design: Juan Carlos Espinosa of Espinosa, Inc.
Ship Built by: Delta Marine
For more photos of the yacht see: Gran Finale

Panels and tracking were made to exactly match templates sent by boat builder. Our prefinished panels had to match the finish on the built-ins in the bedroom suites. Shoji needed to slide easily, without binding or warping in this potentially humid environment. Locks were also supplied to keep shoji stationary as needed.

Finish: Gold automotive finish
Insert: Exterior fiberglass
Grid: Custom layout

“Hi Wren, The yacht is almost ready to leave… I just wanted to thank you for your time and the beautiful shoji screens. …it was a pleasure working with you on the GRAN FINALE.” Jim, WASHINGTON