Horizontals Only

Contractor: Martin Horn

For ultimate simplicity, shoji can be built with horizontal grids only. In this case, oversized grids are made for strength and stability, as there is no vertical grid to support the horizontal kumiko (grid). To look balanced, the oversized grid is made slightly smaller than the frames.

The “in progress” hallway shot shows the traditional wider groove top and bottom wood floor tracks that was already in place throughout the residence. We sized the shoji to fit these openings exactly to minimize planing and fitting for the contractor. Round end pocket pulls are also shown on the end stiles of the shoji. This detail makes it easy to pull many shoji together at the same time. When using shoji as pocket doors, this detail is automatically provided.

These shoji balance well with the beautiful post and beam construction details.

Finish: Clear oil/wax
Grid: Oversized Horizontals
Insert: Fiberglass synskin