Shoji With Transom Panels

In this lovely residence we started with backlit transom panels above and sliding panels below to create a window-wall of shoji. The homeowners kept this theme in their hallway openings and other glass sliders, adding transom panels above and sliding panels below. Kitchen cabinet doors are shown here also, with a scrubbable rigid insert for durability.

Ebonywash finish
Grid: D-11
Insert: Fiberglass synskin

“We have had Design Shoji screens in our home since 1989. After the initial design in the living room and dining room, we continued throughout the house with unique ideas in the hall, bedrooms, family room, bathrooms, and finally, the kitchen. Our last installation was in June of 2006. After nearly 20 years, the originals still look as good as the latest installation. The quality, workmanship and functionality are exceptional and have always exceeded our expectations. We give this company our highest recommendation.” Paula and Gina, CALIFORNIA