Talented “Shojis”

We’re doing some updating on the blog. Four years ago, when you typed in the word “shoji” you got 3,010,000 results! Fast forward to present day, August 2014, and you get 10,700,000! In fact, you can even find a page on “shoji” in Wikipedia now, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sh%C5%8Dji!

Warning: The following links have absolutely nothing to do with making shoji doors! However, they all point to some fascinating “Shojis” on the world wide web. Spoiler! Think violins, fashion design, volleyball, and ceramics. So, thanks to the wonder of the internet, here are some amazingly talented “Shojis” to enjoy. . . just for fun!

Sayaka Shoji, passionate violinist, a breathtaking performer

Tadashi Shoji, fashion designer

Erik Shoji, volleyball player

Hamada Shoji, Japanese pottery master

And now we should all get back to work . . .

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