The old and the new…

Just for fun I’m posting a picture taken by my youngest daughter.   This project was originally completed 15 years ago, before she was born.  I recently went to replace the insert in one of the shoji screens with her assistance.

shoji over a French door

Design Shoji panel over a French door lite

 I’m grateful for the chance to reconnect with customers, although I can scarcely believe so much time has gone by!   To me it’s somewhat ironic that while these shoji have stayed the same everything else in our lives has changed so much.
child standing by shoji screens

Design Shoji photographer

I am honored that the shoji are still on the job after all these years, yet it does not compare to the thrill of watching my daughters growing up, even if it is too quickly.  
May whatever you treasure (the ‘old”) continue to age well, and changes coming in 2012 (the new) enlighten and amaze you.  

Happy New Year!





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