Will shoji look good with . . ?

People often ask us if shoji will look good in their home, especially when they do not have an Asian-themed room. Our answer? “Yes!” Shoji will enhance any setting with their graceful lines and timeless appeal. Just as no two shoji that we make are ever alike, the interiors they go in are also equally as unique. Bold colors, archways, antiques — don’t be afraid to mix shoji in!

Bright colors + bold graphics + shoji = “Wow!”

Blue walls and mangia artwork beside a Design Shoji door

A Design Shoji door in a contemporary setting

A dark finish with curved gridwork alongside antiques…

Curved Design Shoji grids complement southern style decor

Design Shoji screens in a traditional setting

Close off an archway and columns? No problem…

Design Shoji panels create privacy in this dramatic entry

Design Shoji panels add privacy to this dramatic entry

Cheerful colors and light walls…

Sliding Design Shoji panels over a sliding glass door in a colorful living room

Design Shoji panels help anchor this colorful room

So have fun trying shoji in your space — they’re more versatile than you think!

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