“You have our word.”

At Design Shoji, we are always looking towards the future.   We’re dead serious about shoji panels and all the minute details making a great one entails.   So when we say, “we stand behind everything we build”  we mean it!   If you run into problems with your shoji, even years from now, just give us a call!    We will work to get it solved pronto.    Hardware problems?    Change of insert?    Moving to a new location?    We can help!

Design Shoji, a handshake image

"You have our word"

And after nearly 3 decades of supporting our installed client base,  I’m confident that our shoji will serve you well, in all likelihood for generations to come.   I’m committed to building shoji panels worthy of your trust, so you’ll call me years from now when you need more.   It’s an unexpected perk of doing our job right!

Just for the fun of it, I’ve put together a tongue-in-cheek list of a “typical” client:

1)  Loves art and music.  Is a creative individual who likes timeless design.

2)  Appreciates fine workmanship details; has exacting, discriminating taste.

3)  Wants practical, durable, maintenance-free solutions.

4)  Measures  “dependable service” in terms of years, not months;  is  looking for a life-long purchase; invests in lasting quality and service.

5)  Has been patiently looking for their shoji for a long time and not been able to find the right source.

6)  Knows exactly what they don’t want;  may need some help defining exactly what they do want as it doesn’t exist “ready-made.”

7)  Has unusual requirements, like you see here:

rendering of white Design Shoji doors

Three tiers of shoji panels: Fixed, sliding and hinged

3 tiers of white Design Shoji panels over window and air conditioner

Design Shoji - white on white shoji

The client needed simple panels to dress up an air conditioner and a small window; we designed 3 tiers to broaden the space;  one fixed top panel, 2 sliders in the middle, and one hinged unit at the bottom that matched the overlap of the sliders, with white COM fabric and custom-matched lacquer frames . . . well, you get the idea.

Just as every shop is different, so is their clientele;  we appreciate every single one of our clients who find their way to our doorstep.  If you’ve been researching shoji but can’t find anyone who can build what you need, take heart, at Design Shoji, we’re at your service.

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